Amanda Hamilton Recognized as Hometown Hero

Amanda Hamilton has recently been named Spokesperson for Every Dog Matters, a group of passionate volunteers in the Mahoning Valley dedicated to creating better lives for dogs in the area through rescue, foster, training, and adoption.  The group is responsible for taking abandoned, abused or challenging dogs and providing them with extra time and training to help them not only learn how to trust again but also to connect them with an owner both deserve. 

“It is amazing to be able to have an impact on the lives of people by rehabbing and connecting dogs with them,” said Hamilton. “Dogs are not just animals, they are a part of the family.  Not everyone has the opportunity to have children or may be able to live near their family, so I view this as an opportunity to not only help the dogs but to help everyone to have that same connection with a family by embracing the dogs we rescue.”

For 2 ½ years, Amanda Hamilton has played an active role with Every Dog Matters.  She had been an Event Coordinator prior to her recent elevation to their official spokesperson.  She has had a tremendous impact on the success of the organization while being a part of it that Channel 33 WYTV recently announced she and the team at Every Dog Matters as “Hometown Heroes” of the Mahoning Valley, featuring her in a story this week.  The story will talk about how they have made a difference in the Valley through their work.

“I got involved with this organization after speaking with John Burgan, then owner of Burgan Real Estate, about meeting new people. He recommended getting involved in something that I had a passion for and, after talking with him, found we both had an affinity for dogs. I found information about Every Dog Matters and, being someone that has several rescue dogs myself, it was a perfect fit,” said Hamilton.

For more information about Every Dog Matters, Amanda Hamilton or to discover how you can assist by volunteering or through donations with this organization, visit

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