Burgan Stays Local with New Partnership

These past two years have gone better than any of us at Burgan Real Estate could’ve hoped.  We’ve shattered company records multiple times and have been the benefit of news coverage, marketing efforts, and partnerships that have helped us showcase how a locally owned business can out perform, outpace and outlast larger brands who try to be better than the people who know the area best.

We live here.  We work here.  We share memories and a bond with people in this area that more than just a zip code of where our office is located.  

There are many Burgan Real Estate companies in the Mahoning Valley who are locally owned, locally operated and locally-driven by generation upon generations of family members who deserve to have their name in the spotlight too.  We wanted to help them with this.  That’s where Shop Local Mahoning Valley comes into play.

Started by Bill Rusu, Shop Local Mahoning Valley is an online, social series that uses video to highlight locally owned, locally operated businesses in the Mahoning Valley that offer something more to the residents of the area.  From donut boutiques and healthy food optionscomic books and kayaking adventurescoffee shops, and breweries, to antique shopping and the latest home decor, Shop Local puts the spotlight on the businesses who not only need to stand out but deserve to do so as well!

We saw this series and knew it was an opportunity to put our brand forward and help other brands, like ours, better.  For the past 3 months, our partnership with Shop Local Mahoning Valley has delivered hundreds of thousands of views for companies who didn’t think exposure and coverage like this were possible.  For companies who offer something better to area residents than they ever knew existed. More importantly, for companies, like us, who live and proudly play in a community that is more than just a place for their office…it is home.

If you haven’t seen Shop Local Mahoning Valley, we can fix that.  CLICK HERE to link to their Facebook page and see some of the latest episodes and previous ones that will not only help grow local businesses in the area but unlock new treasures and destinations for you to enjoy thanks to people who aren’t just local business owners…they are your neighbors.  What could be better than that?

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