Carol Marzo Joins Burgan Real Estate

Mothers know best.  We may have been in business for 42 years, but even we still need our mom at Burgan Real Estate.  If we’ve learned anything over those 42 years is that if at first you don’t succeed, trying doing it the way your mother told you to do it in the first place.  For James Marzo, our top performing Burgan Bunch agent by units sold in the Canfield office in 2018, this may be hitting too close to home, as we are happy to announce and welcome Carol Marzo, James’s mother, as the newest member of our Burgan Bunch agents.

Carol is a native of the Mahoning Valley and a proud Penguin, having attended Youngstown State University.  Carol continued her education at Austintown Hair Academy where she found her first career as a hair stylist.  She was always a fan of fashion and crafts so doing “do’s” was something she found a calling for in her professional life.  While she enjoyed her job over the years, Carol is the first one to tell you her real calling in life is being a wife to her husband, Jim, for 33 years and mother to James.  As she saw James prosper with Burgan Real Estate, she wondered if she could find a new opportunity that could combine her love of her family with her love of interacting with people.  She found it with Burgan Real Estate and recently obtained her REALTOR® license. 

Carol is big on traditions. Whether it is making new ones, like with her Daughter-in-Law, Angela, or keeping old ones alive with her family, Carol enjoys celebrations.  Which is a good thing, because we have some traditions of our own she is going to really enjoy.  We keep trying to tell her that just because she enjoys shopping, drinking wine and eating ice cream, does not make it a, “tradition.”

The decision to start a new career with Burgan Real Estate was an easy one for Carol.  “I am at a place in my life where I wanted something more, something that would make me be better.  After seeing the success of my son, I knew that Burgan Real Estate was the perfect place for me to start my new career.  I am looking forward to a new and exciting part of my life with Burgan Real Estate,” said Carol Marzo.

Life doesn’t come with a manual…it comes with a mother.  And for all of us at Burgan Real Estate, including James, we are excited to have landed a new agent who will make us better with her presence, experience and love. Welcome to our family, Carol, and we look forward to being better together.

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