There is No One Better than Burgan

February 8th, 2019 by Mr. Patrick Burgan, Broker Associate, CNEShare


We say it all the time – things are Better with Burgan.  But as we start 2019 after a record breaking year, we wanted to just see exactly if we are living up to the hype that we started and gaining momentum every day.  Maybe it is just us, but it seems like EVERYONE is starting to say they make things better.  

Whether it is a local bank, a beer company (though beer really does make things better) or an auto dealer, companies are starting to say that they too make things better.  However, NO ONE in real estate in the Mahoning Valley does it better than we do.  Think we are lying?  Let us show you.


Did you know that last year, Burgan Real Estate had the least days of having homes on the market than any other real estate company or brokerage in the Mahoning Valley?  Yeah…that’s a fact.  No one in the Mahoning Valley sells your home faster than Burgan Real Estate.  

The average home listed and sold by us was on the market for just 60 days, that’s almost 30% less than ANY other real estate company.  What does that mean for you?  How does having one less mortgage payment sound?  That’s right!  The average client of ours pays at least one less mortgage payment than those who choose another brokerage.  I don’t know about you, but I’d say you’d be better off with more money, right?  But why stop there?


About that whole money thing, not only does Burgan Real Estate sell your home faster than any other brokerage in the area, we sell it for more money too!  Did you know that Burgan Real Estate has the highest percentage of sale price to original list price than ANY real estate company in the Mahoning Valley?  

On average, Burgan Real Estate sells homes for almost 94% of the ORIGINAL asking price.  So while most real estate companies tell you to lower your price to get it sold because it has been on the market for too long, we sell it faster and for more money than anyone can for you.  Let’s face it, when you have been doing this for over 41 years and are a part of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, you learn a thing or two about listing homes.  And while this is good for buyers and sellers, if you’re looking for a career that is flexible and rewarding, well, we lead the way in that too.


If you sell homes as fast and getting as more money for your clients the way we do, you tend to have agents who are pretty happy.  And our Burgan Bunch is just that!  Last year, our agents sold an average of 16 homes last year and brought in an average of $2mm in total sales!  That is one of the best in the entire Mahoning Valley!  We are always looking for more members of our Burgan Bunch family, even though we added the most agents in the history of our company last year.  

More and more companies are starting to say they are better.  However, for 41 years, we’ve been proving it…and we’re just getting started. 

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