Melissa Partain Makes the Switch to Burgan Real Estate

Communication is key to any successful partnership or relationship.  Not only being able to hold a conversation, but being able to listen in order to truly understand what the other person is either saying or asking for from you.  At Burgan Real Estate, we pride ourselves on being able to communicate why things are Better with Burgan and we don’t mind talking to whomever is willing to listen.  One of the newest reasons why things are Better with Burgan is because of the latest addition to our Burgan Bunch, Melissa Partain.

Burgan Real Estate is proud to announce Melissa Partain as their newest agent.  Melissa is a 2004 graduate of Girard High School and a 2014 graduate of YSU. She obtained her real estate license in 2016, after deciding that her interest in real estate and her gift for gab would make for a fun new career path.  

Melissa chose Burgan because, “The agents, brokers, and staff are all so friendly and the atmosphere is one of both fun and professionalism.”  She continues, “I don’t know of any other agency that offers so much support and educational opportunities for newer agents, like me!”

Partain makes her home, in Austintown, with her fianc√©, Kevin, and her “baby girl,” Molly, the Goldendoodle.  In her spare time, she is an avid reader and especially enjoys biographies. She and Kevin also enjoy taking Molly for long walks and visiting family.

Broker Sue Filipovich liked Melissa immediately, as she could see that, “Melissa has everything necessary to be an excellent agent; energy, personality, common sense, and a strong work ethic!”  

It sounds like you are going to fit right in and find the home for your career with us, Melissa.  Welcome to the team and, if you are buying or selling a home and want a friendly agent who will help you, every step of the way, call Melissa Partain, at 330-883-2992, today!

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