4 Reasons Not Making Mistake is Your Biggest Mistake

With every mistake we make, there is a way to discover how we can be better.  We encourage our agents to make mistakes because by doing that, they will learn by doing not by telling.  But it can be scary.  In our lives, we are so concerned about being right or doing things the right way, that we forget the mistakes we make are the best ways to become the best version of ourselves.  We discover more about ourselves, who we are, our limitations, the possibilities of what we can become and what we can or cannot do.  It is life’s best teacher and, on this week’s motivational blog, we want to share 4 reasons why not making mistakes is the worst mistake you can make.

Mistakes Encourages Lifelong Learning

By knowing that we don’t know everything, we are opening ourselves up to new opportunities and lessons.  Mistakes help us learn valuable life lessons but also makes us happier in our journey through life.  While that may sound contradictory to what a mistake is, having a perception that mistakes are a positive step for your growth rather than a negative one helps us realize that we shouldn’t be fearful of making them.  As we continue to learn and grow, mistakes are the best way we can learn to be a better version of ourselves.

Mistakes Help Let Go Of Fear

Don’t avoid making mistakes because of the fear you have for them.  The fear of not screwing something up limits the possibilities we have to make a difference in our job, for someone else or even ourselves.  Embracing the fact that we just might make a mistake allows us to experience new things, try new things and create new things.  Letting go of your fear of mistakes allows us to experience everything that life has to offer.  Life is not and will never be perfect but that doesn’t make less amazing.

Mistakes Discover The Impossible

Thomas Edison had a brilliant idea but had not clue how to make it happen.  Bringing light into the world through electricity was something few could comprehend and none could create.  After over 1,000 attempts at creating it, Thomas Edison finally discovered how to make the first light bulb.  When asked about his failures, Thomas Edison did not give up because he viewed his 1,000 mistakes and ways to avoid in achieving his goal.  Think about that?  Instead of viewing hundreds of mistakes he made along the journey, he viewed them as positive experiences that taught him how NOT to achieve what he wanted to.  

Mistakes help us discover what many believe is impossible, even about our ourselves.  By making mistakes, look at each experience as a way to grow.  It is easy to look at failure from a negative side but that does not help you grow.  Use the mistakes to move one step forward, even if it is a small one, to what you hope to achieve or accomplish.

Mistakes Lead To Accomplishment

Alex Rodriguez is one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Heralded as one of the games greats, he also is ranked in the top 5 in all time strike outs of all time.  Think about that…one of the greatest baseball players of all time is also, statistically speaking, one of the biggest failures at the plate with his strikeouts.  He wasn’t going to let the fear of striking out prevent him from taking chances and achieving greatness.  Mistakes help lead to greatness.  Learning from those mistakes and growing into a better version of yourself is how you make history.

Mistakes are a part of life and, arguably, the most important for all of us.  They teach us how to be lifelong learners, how to let go of fear, how to discover the impossible and, most importantly, how to achieve more in life.  By not making mistakes you could be making one of the biggest mistakes you could ever encounter.  Embrace mistakes…just be sure to learn from them.

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