Rewiring Your Brain to Achieve More

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  Well, at Burgan Real Estate, we think you can teach anyone anything if they open their mind to a new way of thinking.  This is one of the reasons we spent last week in Boston at the National REALTORS Conference and Expo.  It was an amazing experience!  We had know idea that being the fastest growing real estate brand in the Mahoning Valley this year warranted them throwing a parade for us, having these athletes on hand with a big trophy and everyone wearing a hat with the letter, “B” on it.  It was pretty great.

But more than that, we had 3 days of sharing, exploring and discovering new ways to be better.  And at the top of the list of what we enjoyed the most was hearing author, Mel Robbins, share with us ways to rewire our minds through her best selling book, “The 5 Second Rule.”  Her approach to simply counting back from 5 to 1 has not only been proven to help motivate and rewire your mind to get something done you aren’t looking forward to, but it has saved lives…literally!  

So this week in our motivational blog, we wanted to share 4 tips you can use to rewire brain to help motivate you to achieve more and accomplish those things you may have been putting off….until NOW!


Each and every one of us have unique abilities to learn, think, process information, generate and put ideas and solutions into action to attain goals or solve problems.  But when you learn something new or change your habits by becoming mindful of your reactions, you change your brain.  Intelligence is ALWAYS evolving and is constant work in progress, but that doesn’t mean you need to do it every moment of every day.  Just focus on making progress and focus on something you care about rather than something totally random.  Be a life long learner and enjoy the process.


Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it gave it more lives to find a way to be better.  There is more than one path to doing something so be prepared to embrace different experience, even if they make you uncomfortable.  While some people are more curious than others, be curious!  Question everything.  Trust but verify.  Don’t take anything for granted or at face value.  Asking more questions, leads to more questions which, inevitably, leads to more answers which can change EVERYTHING for the better.


Your mind gets set in a certain mode.  You like your coffee a certain way.  You wake up at a certain time.  You have your nightly routine before you go to bed.  If you find yourself procrastinating and not able to get going…try shaking things up a bit.  Trying new things not only rewires your mind to think and behave differently in a different setting, but you are able to see how those new routines connect and impact the res of your experiences in the future.  We never know how much useful time we have ahead of us nor what what will be useful for us in accomplishing a task.  Try, just once, to consciously break one of those life saving habits you rely on, even if it just for a few moments.  Try a different meal, drive differently to work, sleep on the other side of the bed, watch a comedy instead of a drama, push your boundaries to expect something different and try something new to have your brain learn how to react to something different.  Remember: if you keep doing what you always do, you keep getting what you always get.

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