Sweetest (Employee) Day

Sweetest Day.  It’s a “Hallmark Holiday,” right?  And don’t think that it is a coincidence that it falls during the same week as Boss’s Day, which, according to Patrick and Sue, is a legitimate holiday where banks and offices should be closed.  Well, as much as they can hope for that, we know that whether they are “Hallmark Holidays” or not, these days matter and so do the employees you lead.  Sometimes, we get so caught up in our jobs that we forget to thank the ones who truly matter most…out employees!  They are the ones who do the work to make your business thrive and ones who you trust with not only our livelihood, but those of your valued clients.  So it makes sense on Sweetest (Employee) Day, that you take the time to thank those in your company who help continue to move the company forward.  Here are some ideas on how to say, “Thank you,” to the sweetest people in your company this weekend for Sweetest Day.


Even though the day may be “technically” be about the sweetheart in your life, be sure to also make it about your employees. It’s important to be appreciative of the work and thanks that help make your business run smoothly, so this is a perfect opportunity to return the favor.

Make the day about accomplishments the team has made to make it a record setting year, like the one we are having at Burgan.  Letting them know they are valuable and integral in the success can do wonders for their motivation, while also helping with retention when things are going so well.  

Talk about the things that are going well and highlight how you can do better to help them succeed.  At Burgan, we always operate with transparency, honesty and humility, and on a day when it is all about the team, these are especially key.  Also, have you ever thought about sharing times when you were wrong or admit things you need to improve upon to help them?  84% of employees think it’s important their supervisors admit to their mistakes, according to a study by Dale Carnegie Institute.  So be sure to spread the love around the office, especially if it involves tough love on you!


You shouldn’t take life too serious because no one ever gets out alive….so have fun!  No one ever says they had too much fun. So plan a day out or away from the office to celebrate the people who make your business so sweet.  For Burgan, we do mixers and parties to thank those who matter most to us, so whether it is the Mystery Bus Ride in August, or our annual awards banquet for agents and their significant others, we know they work hard so we also need to play equally as strong.  

If you are having trouble coming up with an idea, just get food.  Sharing a meal with your team can be the perfect way to spend time with them and get to know them. Sharing a meal together also unites and breaks down the walls between employees.  It is an easy ice breaker and great way to start a conversation with one another.

Donations Instead Of Gifts

While many people want to buy things for their employees on Sweetest Day, a great way to show your commitment and awareness to them is to contribute to their favorite cause or charity.  This not only shows you are appreciative of them but that you know them personally.  You’re not just, “the boss,” you are “THE BOSS!”  Donations also have benefits for your business too. Not only do they increase the company’s presence in the community, it’s a tax write off for your business.

Sweetest Day is the perfect day to share it with the one you love.  However, it is also a great day to stop and tell your employees how sweet they are and how much you appreciate them.  These simple ideas can help you show your team how sweet you and they are together not just on this “Hallmark Holiday,” but everyday.  

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