Weathering Storms as a Real Estate Agent

As Hurricane Florance strikes the east coast and we finish tornado season here in Northeast Ohio, we are reminded that Mother Nature can be very cruel sometimes.  Natural disasters can strike at any moment, for real estate agents, the days leading up to and following any event are critical for several reasons.  As you and your clients cope with the aftermath, this is the perfect opporutnity for you to be more than “just a real estate agent” to your clients.  You have an opporunity to not only show your value but to also put your cleints at ease knowing you are handling their property.  To help you through this, here are some tips to guide you through a natural disaster.  

Over Communicate

With any listing, you want to do more than just show a property or be at a closing.  When disasters strike, your presence is that much more important and vital to the process.  Understanding that buidling a solid relationship will help you in any situation, but especially during times of need.  After a storm, be sure to reach out to clients with reassurance and sensitivity.  Tell them about their property, show them pictures, advise them on next steps after the storm and how you will get back to doing what they hired you to do.  Most importantly, be sure to reach out to contacts and remind them why you all chose to live in the communities you love, even during these difficult times.  

Add Value

Get involved, even if it means doing more things than you normally would.  Take a moment to talk to your clients and ask if they are ok, if they need help with cleaning up, items for their home or helping them find temporary housing, if needed.  Drive around and check on properties as well as on people who may not be buying or selling.  This is a time to take off the suit and put on the gloves to clean up and rebuild the community and lives of the people who call your city home.

During a disaster, many are rebuilding their lives and picking up the pieces from the storm.  As a real estate agent, your job is to find them a home to build their memories.  After a disaster strikes, you are even more important to that process.  Be sensitive and do more than just buy or sell homes, help rebuild them and show that your career is more than about a house…it is about being a resource they can depend on whenever they are in need.

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