Transparency, Integrity and Honesty

Being in business for, now, 41 years, is something we a proud of here at Burgan Real Estate.  While many look at being 40 years old or greater as the, “new 20,” we’re quite happy and content saying that “41 is the new 41” in our eyes.  And as we celebrated our anniversary this past Monday, many people who watched our video have been asking us how we’ve managed to stay in business, and at such a high level, for more than 40 years.  While many companies, both real estate and otherwise, have come and gone.  But through it all, Burgan Real Estate remains.  Our answer to them is simple: we’ve never lost our focus on the principles of what our business was established upon back with John and Leon founded it four decades ago.  We continue to operate our business with honesty, transparency and integrity in everything we do.  While this is has been a successful compass for us, here is why these three traits can be a guide for helping you succeed in everything you do by remembering to be honest, transparent and have integrity.

While these may sound like simple things to do, they are not always easy to implement.  Religions, leaders and civic organziations meant to lead their constituents are rooted in a moral code that guide their actions and beliefs.  While real estate is not a religion, Burgan Real Estate was meant to provide for people as a means to live the life they have always dreamed of, either by purchsing a home or by being the one who helps them find it.  But being around for 41 years, it has not always been easy.  

We have run into challenges, obstacles and times when we did not know if we would be around for as long as we have been.  There were opporutnities to take shortcuts.  There were opportunities to turn a blind eye to certain instances that would improve us for the short term.  There were opportunities to sell out.  These opportunities are a way to demonstrate these core values.

The secret to being around for as long as we have is remembering that, if you want to be a good business person, you must first be a good person.  We have much to celebrate as we turn 41 this week at Burgan Real Estate, but the longevity of our business is not only because of the real estate solutions we provide.  Finding agents who buy into this, finding clients who buy into this, and, most importantly, as owners, us continuing to buy into a moral compass to guide our business will ensure that we will be around for another 41 years…and we hope you’re business will be too.

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