Burgan Bunch Welcomes Kelly Riebe

There is always something to sing about at Burgan Real Estate.  Having been around for 40 years, we’ve been singing to our own tune that has made us, our agents and our clients better with the melodic way we go about buying and selling homes.  However, the Agency was looking for a new voice to add to the choir of agents to service the Mahoning Valley.  Burgan Real Estate found that fresh voice and agent in their latest addition of Kelly Riebe to the Burgan Bunch.

A graduate of Austintown Fitch High School and native to the area, Kelly has always found something to sing about her hometown.  While her career in real estate is still very new to her, now with 7-months of experience under her belt, the opportunity to join Burgan Real Estate was music to her ears. As a youthful, energetic and driven individual, Burgan Real Estate’s transparent, trusted and proven way of making clients and the community better by their real estate expertise and passion for the community was the perfect place for Kelly to make a home for her own career.

As if you can’t tell, Kelly is a music enthusiast with singing being one of her favorite things to do. When she’s not bringing a smile to your face with her voice, you can find her giving you something to sing about through her baking creations that she concocts with her favorite helper, her 2-year old daughter, Maya. While spending time with Maya and her family is something that takes precedence over everything, Kelly loves to put the microphone and spatula down to enjoy the beauty of Mill Creek Metroparks, especially if it involves either reading a book like To Kill a Mockingbird or a picnic with Wedgewood Pizza, pretzels and chocolate.   And as the Fall quickly approaches, Kelly is saving her voice to cheer on the Cleveland Indians, which she hopes will be a great performance ending with a World Series Championship.

Well, Kelly, regardless of what happens with the Tribe, we know we are going to singing your praises for a long time as a member of the Burgan Bunch.  Thank you for joining our team and we can’t wait to see what we can do together to make our entire company and community better!  Welcome to Burgan Real Estate, Kelly!

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