Routines Are Key to Success

With Fall right around the corner and summer coming to a close, the real grind is what comes with it as school gets back in session.  Your kids are going to be getting back into routines which means this is a perfect opportunity for you to do so as well. Sometimes, that can be stressful or hard to do. The team here at Burgan realizes this, and we all know what it’s like to go through the trials and tribulations of the week. But, keeping yourself motivated and on track doesn’t have to be such a daunting and exhausting task. You can take steps to help yourself be more productive and focused so that you are able to maximize the day and stay on the right path to having things done right.  Here are some good tips you can practice every day to make sure you don’t let the daily grind wear you down. 

Personal Routines

If you’re struggling with day-to-day personal slip ups in your life, it affects anything that comes after. Getting your personal life on track and in control can produce so many benefits in many other facets of your life as well. Try a morning or an evening routine. If you’re like some of our agents, you wake up and don’t have a lot of time to get ready in order to get your day going.  You find yourself scrambling for an outfit, missing breakfast, and forgetting other things so you can get to a showing or, more importantly, a closing.  We can help! Making sure getting to bed at a decent hour can help you wake up earlier and give yourself the time you need to start your day off on the right foot. Before you go to bed, do simple little tasks to get ahead of the game for when you wake up, like having a fast breakfast waiting for you in the fridge, laying out an outfit for the morning, or having any possessions you need for the next day organized and in a spot you’ll remember. These can all make the morning routine a lot easier and go a lot smoother so you don’t start your day off on a rushed note. 

Aside from little personal routines to help out your immediate situations, you can also start other routines in your life that deal with others, too. Making family meetings a routine can be beneficial because it gives you a chance to plan out any schedules, make any decisions your family may need in an organized way, or just be able to catch up and stay in touch with other busy family members and their lives as well. Weekend routines can also be effective because let’s face it, people want to wind down and recharge over the weekend…when not handling Open Houses, of course. That is your time that you want to be able to spend how you want. So when the weekend approaches, make sure to come up with a scheduling method or little routines that help you manage any projects, events, family time, or personal time that you plan on doing. Doing this helps you prioritize what you want to focus on and spend the most time on, while being able to balance the others in the short time period that the weekend gives us. 

Workplace Routines

Now that you’ve began to work on your personal life and made the effort to stabilize that, you cannot forget about your work life. Workplace routines can help keep you focused, productive, and creative while you balance the responsibilities that your job gives you. Developing a starting ritual for when you first get to work can help eliminate any time you feel you waste with social media, emails, chit-chat with coworkers, or any other minor distractions. If you think you are someone who does these types of things when you first clock in in the morning, then making some starting rituals can help you capitalize on this time. When you come in, make a mental push to get right into your work, and do some little tasks to get you dialed in. Keeping consistent with routines like this can help you start your day off as a productive employee. 

Looking at more big-picture type tasks, starting up some weekly priorities routines can help you plan out the many tasks that you may be juggling. If you have to manage a team with various responsibilities, work on a few projects, or have to handle clients or different accounts, making a weekly priority routine can make this stress go down. Have a weekly meeting with whomever is involved in the project you’re working on, and discuss it with them so that there is equal output and input being exchanged so that solutions are found. This can give you a top-down perspective of your work so that you can determine what areas call for the most attention, and that you are able to set up your time to work on these efficiently. 

Communication routines can also help increase your productivity and avoid any build up of responsibilities that can take away from time you need. If you work with multiple clients, deal with multiple projects, or manage multiple people, try setting up certain times where these individuals know they can reach you. Doing this makes the communication aspect of your work predictable so that there are no missed emails, calls, or updates between your clients or your coworkers. This helps you save time but not lose any valuable information you may need. Follow up routines can also play into this as well because it can give you the chance to better your relationships with coworkers and clients without going through a long networking process. 

Effectively Implementing Routines

Once you’ve developed routines that help your life stay on track, you want to make sure that they don’t become just one-and-done situations. Designing a solid framework for using your routine can help make these daily habits that you won’t lose. Creating and end goal keeps you motivated to stay the course with your routines so that the end result is ultimately accomplished. Working backwards from your end goal can help you determine what steps you’ll need to use in these routines, simplify any steps you’ve came up with, and what steps require the most time and effort. Doing this helps set up your plan to be most effective. Walking through your routine can help you fine tune it as well, because it provides an overview for your evaluation. You get to see any steps you overlooked, or any steps you don’t deem necessary. The simpler and easier to remember, the better. Once you’ve taken these initiatives, it’s time to finally start using your routines. There may be resistance at first, mainly it will be all mental. Don’t spread yourself too thin, and try to take on at least two at a time to avoid complication or stress. You can always keep improving these routines as well, because the more you do them, the more you see what works and what doesn’t. You can learn from your mistakes in these routines, and you can also learn from the effectiveness of them as well. Once you see what works and what doesn’t, your established routines will help your everyday life. 

Everyone knows that life can be stressful, just ask your kids with their seemingly insurmountable homework.  The stress does not have to be a factor that weighs us down and stops us from moving forward. Staying motivated and dedicated to your improving routines is a great method to make sure you are productive, focused, and driven. Here at Burgan Real Estate, we are always looking for ways to be better. Strategies like these are some of the factors that got us to where we are and will, inevitably, get us to where we want to go. Hopefully, these tips will improve your efficiency as a worker and an individual in your everyday life, making YOU better.

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