Thank Your Employees

We know that the team behind us is extremely important.   To accomplish what Burgan Real Estate has been able to do this year is because of every partner, employee, agent and team member we have.  While we know our team is hardworking and dedicated, we also want to make them feel appreciated. Just sitting behind a desk and running the company and leading these people is not going to be an effective way to keep them motivated or feel valued. As an owner, you have to be able to find ways to make sure that your employees know that you value them and the work that they put forth, instead of just being their leader and telling them what to do. This does not have to be a task that is going to break the bank or cost you a load of money. Simple, cheap, and even subtle ways can all be done throughout the year to help thank your employees.   Here are some simple ideas to make sure you are a better boss to your employees and, ultimately, make your company better.

Simple Gifts And Gestures Go A Long Way

To thank your employees or incentivize them, you don’t have to hand out expensive and loaded bonuses or raises, money is not always the answer here. One small item of recognition that employees can enjoy is a personal handwritten note. Something that can be written in email has much more meaning and value to people when it is personal and hand written. It shows that there was time, thought, and effort put into the gesture. It lets the employee know that you are thankful for them and you notice the work they’re putting in, and that you are able to make that effort to show them. What you write in this is also important. Think about what you appreciate about them, and what you value about them. Think about what you want to see more of, too. Highlight these traits in your note so that the employee can see the care and gratitude that is there, these can go a long way and don’t cost you a penny.

Get Personal

A small, personalized and thoughtful gift is also a cost effective way to help show your employees your appreciation as well. The personal part of this is important, because it shows that you know who they are, and what they like. This makes it known that they aren’t just another number or work horse for you, but that they’re a member of the team and they matter. Getting the right gift matters, so make sure to establish a good rapport with your employees so that you know them and can understand them. The more you know, the better they feel about the relationship, and the better your gift can be.

Team Swag

Another nice gift to give to your employees is your “team swag”. We all know how the daily grind of a company goes. You all are working towards a goal for your company to achieve, whether that’s reach a certain number of sales, complete a big project, present a new idea or feature, and whatever else your company aims to achieve. When there is time spent to try and complete a goal, the feeling of completion is satisfactory for the whole team. Getting some company-personalized gear for your team captures that moment you all were able to do together, and it’s a timeless gift they are able to collect. Everyone can look back at this item and remember that feeling of accomplishment and teamwork and experience great feelings with it, and it shows that you care about the work just as much as they do. A nice shirt, hat, pin, or anything of that nature won’t run you a big bill, and it brings your company closer together by doing it.

Talk About Their Future And Plan

Going off an employees’ future career idea, sitting down with an employee and talking about their career is another strategy you can try as a manager. Talking with an employee about their career shows your interest and care in them, and can also be very constructive to your company. They go home and have all of their time to think about their work and what they want out of it, so sitting with them and talking about what they want to achieve and accomplish, and seeing where their passion lies is a great move. As a manager, you can help them if they feel like they’re not getting the most out of their career, and you can work with this by directing them to the right people or putting them on the right path to achieve this. They want to put for meaningful work, and you want that out of them too. Finding out what they want and where they want to go is something that is invaluable, and doesn’t cost a thing. You can also use a strategy that some companies use, like a workplace satisfactory route. As the leader, you probably fill out evaluation reports and get to critique your employees’ performance, but there’s another side to that story. Having them fill out a report or suggestions on how they feel the company can improve, or what you can do better is a good tool to use also. Don’t make it about salary or anything, but just general workplace suggestions. It could be about the company and the day-to-day operations, or it could even be about the workplace and physical building itself. This gives them some power too and it helps them have a more contributing role in your company, and they feel the difference being made as well.

Morale Booster

Again, this is not going to be throwing out huge bonuses or raises, or a gift card every now and then. You can be creative with this. It can also make the daily grind at your office or company a little more exciting. For employees that have been with your company for X amount of years, give little prizes. This isn’t meant to discriminate or divide employees, but you want to show them that their dedication and the time they have put in at your company don’t go unnoticed. This alludes to the “team swag” strategy, but there’s a different meaning behind this. Something like a plaque, pin, or anything of that nature to commemorate the employee’s devotion to your company can make them realize that this company cares and values them. Some companies also use a system of awards that are incentives to the workers as well. When you hear the phrase “workplace awards”, some of you may think of “The Dundies”, from the NBC’s The Office, and might not take this strategy serious. But, that’s not what this is. You don’t have to hold an awards show and think of a night of jokes like Michael Scott does, but there is a method to his madness. If a customer, client, or company you’ve serviced gives positive feedback about an employee for their service, make a note about it and keep a tally of some sort. Adding these up and distributing them at the end of the quarter or the year with an incentive reward at the end is a nice, light-hearted but motivating way to keep your employees focused and hardworking. The reward doesn’t have to be a huge check, just maybe a small addition to their paycheck or vacation day log. You can keep it small but make it into a big picture type of deal, which inspires a motivated workplace with a little bit of a competitive edge.

Running a business is not easy, and your employees that are in your corner play into a huge part of your success. If you want effective and meaningful work done, you have to make sure that your team knows you care. This is something all managers should strive to do in order to keep the company morale high, and the production high as well. A motivated and appreciated worker is always someone you want working for you, because you can trust that they’re going to get the work done and it get it done well. Try some of these tips within your workplace to better the environment for everyone around.

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