Burgan Real Estate Launches Burgan Auctions

Burgan Real Estate, the Mahoning Valley’s largest independently owned and operated real estate company, has expanded its portfolio of solutions with the establishment of Burgan Auctions.  The newly formed company will focus on conducting live, residential real estate auctions for consumer or court appointed listings in the Mahoning Valley.

“Over the past 40 plus years, we have progressed as a company to meet the evolving needs of our Mahoning Valley clients,” said Patrick Burgan, co-owner and Broker at Burgan Real Estate. “It’s not just about selling a house: it is about providing a suite of services to help people get through the often emotionally charged, stressful process of dealing with the sale of their home and its contents. Burgan Auctions takes the proven strategies and approach of Burgan Real Estate and applies this to auction transactions to help our clients accomplish their goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.”

Burgan Real Estate now offers a unique approach to selling real estate, including traditional real estate brokerage, real estate auction or a creative hybrid of both, benefitting buyers and sellers.  The company also provides wrap-around services including overseeing repairs to prepare a home for sale, packing, moving and disposition of a home’s contents, and general property management prior to sale.  Trent Daily, a well-known auctioneer in the Mahoning Valley with over 24 years of quality residential real estate and auctioning experience, was brought on to the team in the first quarter of this year and will be a driving force to the success of this company. 

“When we brought Trent on to the team, we knew he was going to make us better.  His relationships and experience with auctions will help make this a viable opportunity for Burgan Real Estate to continue to grow and be the leading residential solutions provider in the Mahoning Valley,” said Burgan. 

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