Building a Better You

Every day is an opportunity to experience something new, and strive to get better. The wise author and philosopher George Santayana once said, “The wisest mind has something yet to learn”. This quote is a tool that should be applied every day in your life. Whether you apply it to your work life or your personal life, is completely up to you. When you are gifted another day on this planet, there are countless opportunities within those sole twenty-four hours that all contain opportunities to learn from.  Late to work today? Tomorrow, get up a earlier, start your day on a better foot and get to work early.  Already your day is headed in the right direction and you know you learned from yesterday’s mistake.  This isn’t to say that you won’t experience bad days or miss-steps. That shouldn’t be a reason to get complacent and not move forward. For every bad day you have, make it a little goal of your own to stack a good day on top of that. Then moving forward, stack another one, and aim to keep that momentum going. 

At Burgan know that every obstacle is an opportunity to improve, but we aim to keep going and keep learning as we continue to serve the Mahoning Valley for over 40 years. Here are some tips for this week so that you can learn some ways to better yourself in life, so that you take advantage of all the knowledge you can out of the days that are given to you. 

Realize The Strengths And Weaknesses You Possess

Look at yourself from a realistic point of view, a self-reflection. What areas do you need to improve in your life? What areas are you good at, and that you thrive in? The better you know yourself, the better chance you have at improving yourself as well. Are you someone who takes fitness serious and always finds time to work out? Good! Improving yourself physically is a very important aspect in enhancing your life. But, are your eating habits lacking and does your time management suffer from any of this? There’s a weakness. Make an effort to balance these points out to maximize the gain you are trying to accomplish. Making a list of your strengths and weaknesses in any aspect of your life is a great tool to use as you try to make these changes. Use this as a guide to improve. Also, you can look back on this list and see the progress you have made once you’re further down the line, to see how far you’ve come. 

Pick An Area To Work On 

By being one of the largest real estate companies in the Mahoning Valley, even we get overwhelmed.  There are so many things we want to focus on and keep tabs on, that it can be tough.  The same is true about your own life.  Pick out an area you want to start to working on and make a change. Starting small is an efficient way to do this because it sets you up for success at the start. Starting out small allows you to see change rapidly. If you think one of your weaknesses is that you are not active enough, target that and make little goals for you to follow throughout the week. Try to work out three times a week for twenty minutes, use the stairs instead of the elevator, choose the farthest parking spot, take out the unhealthy foods from your diet, drink more water. All of these are easy goals that help you start small and not bite off more than you can chew, which will help you in the long run. 

Start Waking Up Earlier

We told you in a previous blog to swallow the frog first thing in the morning.  The best way to do that is wake up earlier.  Starting your day by waking up earlier is a very effective method to make some changes and better yourself. Getting up earlier gets you a head start on your day so you don’t feel as if you need to cram everything into a shorter time period. You don’t feel as rushed. When you wake up earlier, you feel your day is in your control, and you can decide what you want to work on. It’s more peaceful earlier in the day, less hustle and bustle, so you’re not distracted from the progress you’re aiming to make. 


When you are more accountable of yourself, or something you’re trying to accomplish, you take it more serious. Let yourself know, your friends and family, and your colleagues, so that slip ups and mistakes are minimized. When you have a support system around you and dedication to your improvements, it makes the task a lot more manageable, and puts it at the forefront of your focus.

Whatever aspects of your life you want to improve on, you can. Taking the necessary steps to do so will pay off with your efforts. No one wants to be complacent with his or her weaknesses and just go through the motions. Nothing would get accomplished, and no change would be seen! A new day is always a new opportunity, and it’s a gift. If you use it well and use it wisely, you would be amazed at the difference it’ll make within your life and how much better everything will be.

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