Burgan Adds Jill Herock to Burgan Bunch

Burgan Real Estate has been winning in straight sets this year when it comes to landing new agents for their Burgan Bunch. The addition of Canfield real estate agent, Jill Herock, has the area’s largest independently owned real estate agency serving up aces to their clients.

A graduate of Youngstown State University, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and put it to good use immediately. Through her career, she found success in sales positions at both Hammer Corp. and with Superior Beverage Group, both in Cleveland. It wasn’t until 2015 that she realized her game was better suited in a different game – real estate. She decided to acquire her P.P.S. designation and enter into real estate, landing here now, at the top of her game, with the Burgan Bunch.

As you can tell, Jill is an avid tennis player and loves spending time with her “girls,” as she affectionately calls them. However, the number one player in her world is her husband of 35 years, Larry, and her most prized trophies are her children, Breanna, Hayley and Landon, as well as her two dogs, Tucker and Emma. Aside from tennis, Jill likes to unwind at her home on Lake Milton with a good bottle of wine or satisfy her sweet tooth with some chocolate, popcorn or chips. Her competitive side in tennis carries over to her passion in staying engaged cheering on the Cleveland Indians and the Cavaliers. Oh, and if you ever see her, she’s always quick to respond to an, “O-H,” with an, “I-O,” in support the Buckeyes.

For Jill, friendly people are who she loves to be around most and she has found a great group of those in the various clubs and organizations she is involved with outside of work. From her Book Club and fellow parishioners at Canfield United Methodist Church to her Bunco group and, yes, her wine dinner group who like to travel to Michael Alberini’s, Upstair’s Lounge and the Village Pump, there is sure to be a smiling face whenever she is around.

There is nothing like hitting that sweet spot of the racket on the court but, for Jill, the sweetest thing is the reward she experiences for finding someone their new home. “I love working with people of all ages and finding the right home for them,” said Jill. “It is so satisfying when I am able to find the home of their dreams and I know that as a member of the Burgan Bunch, I have found my dream home for my real estate career as well.”

We think we landed a champion in you too, Jill. Thanks for being the newest member of our team.

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