Amy Day Finds Her Way into the Burgan Bunch

Let’s be honest, real estate sales is not for everyone.  It is very challenging and demanding, both in terms of the hours needed to be successful but also in dealing with people.  Successful real estate agents have to have a special personality that is infectious.  They have to have, “IT.”  If you aren’t sure about what “IT” is, come and meet Burgan Real Estate’s newest member of the Burgan Bunch, Amy Day.

Just like Burgan Real Estate, Amy’s hometown is in Boardman.  After graduating from Boardman High School in 2002, she attended YSU before becoming a Licensed Personal Banker at Home Savings Bank, who also just happens to be a valued partner of Burgan Real Estate.  One of the things she liked most about that position, other than she was amazing, was that she worked with a great team and amazing customers. That desire to continue to work in an environment that helped her become better and helped her customers be better, was a driving force behind her decision to become a real estate agent and join Burgan Real Estate. 

As Amy looks to start this new journey in real estate with Burgan Real Estate, we found out that it probably wasn’t just our “Better with Burgan” approach that made her decision easy: it was the snacks!  Give Amy an ice cold Dr. Pepper and a snack, “Any Snack,” according to her and you got one happy agent. 

Remember that “IT” factor we were talking about?  It’s about people and if there is one thing Amy loves, it’s people.  Every position Amy has ever had was one that involved working with and helping people.  She enjoys talking about those experiences as well and sharing them with others. But no experience is better than the one she lives everyday with “the greatest man in the world,” her husband, Randy, their son Jeremiah and her two dogs, Carmine and Sammy.  Don’t worry, Amy, we won’t tell Sonny you said Carmine was your favorite‚Ķ

From enjoying sports with her son or being actively involved in the community and Jeremiah’s school, Amy finds a way to make life better for everyone she encounters.  “Burgan is the perfect place for me to begin my real estate career.  I love sales and love helping people but, more than that, I love making connections with people and helping them achieve their dreams.  Burgan is helping me achieve mine and I know we are going to do even better things together to help others achieve theirs,” said Day.

So if you see Amy out at Texas Roadhouse, Sawa or any one of Youngstown’s fine Italian joints, enjoying a meal and reading “Hunger Games” or “Tuesday’s with Morrie,” grab a chair, introduce yourself and strike up a conversation about the Cleveland Browns or Buffalo Bills.  Within seconds you’ll see for yourself why Amy is a perfect fit for the Burgan Bunch.

Welcome to the family at Burgan, Amy, and thanks for bringing “IT!”

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