Burgan Real Estate’s Historic 1st Quarter of 2019 Ends with Annual Awards Ceremony

The first quarter of 2019 started off for Burgan Real Estate the same way they closed last year – making history.  The company out performed last year’s historic 1stquarter by 29%, making 2019 the best 1stquarter performance in the company’s 42 year history.  The Valley’s independently owned and operated real estate agency in the Mahoning Valley finished the quarter with 168 units sold, totaling over $19MM in volume.  Burgan Real Estate topped off the historic quarter with a special awards banquet for their agents and guests, recognizing members of the Burgan Bunch for their own accomplishments in making 2018 a year for the record books.  Held at Upstairs Lounge in Austintown, this evening of fun and camaraderie saw several agents receive awards for their outstanding performance in helping make 2018 the best in Burgan Real Estate’s long history of making life better for people in the Valley.

“Everything we do is done with the intention of making life better for the people we encounter. The historic, record setting year we had in 2018 would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our Burgan Bunch agents at Burgan Real Estate and this night is all about honoring and thanking them,” said Patrick Burgan, Broker and Co-Owner of Burgan Real Estate.  “These agents broke records in 2018 and are continuing to do so in 2019, not only because of the trust they have in our commitment to grow their careers, but because they know they are part of a company that embraces a culture that cares about making them better people who can contribute to making our community a better place to live, work and play.”

In 2018, Burgan Real Estate sold houses faster and for more money compared to the original list price than any other real estate company in the Mahoning Valley, based on industry reports from YES MLS reports for period ending December 31, 2018.  With over 40 agents and three offices in the Valley, Burgan’s agents made history again, and the annual event was meant to celebrate the individuals and the team who made last year so successful.

Among the Burgan Bunch agents recognized during the evening, were Tibitha Matheney, who won the award for most houses/dollars sold by volume with 94 homes and over $11,830,000 in total revenue from Burgan’s Boardman office.  In the Canfield office, Traci Hardy took home the award for most dollars sold by volume with over $5,000,000, while James Marzo was recognized for selling the most number of homes with 61 units.  Larry Myers was recognized as having the highest sale price for the year, coming in at $650,000, while Rookie of the Year honors went to Amy Day and Crissy Gallaugher, whose futures are looking even brighter as members of the Burgan Bunch.

The second annual, John Burgan Spirit Award, awarded to an agent who exemplifies the spirit of one of Burgan Real Estate’s founding fathers, was presented to Amanda Dillon.

The record setting year in 2018 delivered recognitions to several agents for their continued success from the previous year.  Traci Hardy, James Marzo, Julie Mills, Scott Heffelfinger, Robert Hanna, Stacie Maston and Katie Arden were recognized as Double Agents for their ability to increase their sales by 100% or more versus 2017.

In addition to the individual awards, a select group of agents were also recognized for their achievements.  The prestigious title of being a Superior Agent at Burgan Real Estate was given to Karen Ament, Kathy Battisti, Tibitha Matheney, Valerie Park, Steve Rogers, Kim Sauerwein and Joan Zarlenga.  The Burgan Leadership Board was also announced.  These agents are part of a panel that helps in advising co-owners, Patrick and Sue, on their initiatives while providing valuable feedback on the performance, direction and interests of the company from a team member’s point of view.  The newly elected Board now consists of Julie Mills, James Marzo, Amanda Hamilton, Traci Hardy, Lisa Goclano, Larry Myers, Valerie Park and Tibitha Matheney.

Earlier in the year, Burgan Real Estate launched their Guaranteed Sale Plan, promising to sell their client’s homes for at or above market value or they will purchase it from them.  This new product, according to Sue Filipovich, is just another promise Burgan intends to uphold as they continue on their way to another record setting year.

“42 years ago, our company was founded on the premise that we conduct our business with transparency and honesty. Patrick and I have made a commitment to our community, our agents and our clients to uphold those values and make all of them better with Burgan,” said Sue Filipovich, second-generation broker and co-owner of Burgan Real Estate.  “To have our Guaranteed Sale Plan kick off in the same quarter we not only honored the success of our agents, but set yet another company record from our performance in the 1stquarter, is both exciting and gratifying, as it is proof that we are living up to that promise.”

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