5 Reasons To Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Home Listing

We are living in the age of technology, where buyers can be proactive in the search for new homes. Unlike years ago, when people relied solely on their realtors to supply them with the active listings, buyers can search the web and find properties that interest them before meeting their realtors. Listings require a strong online presence. Aesthetically pleasing online images are a key tool used to motivate potential buyers to pursue properties. Professional real estate photographers know how to showcase a home’s best assets. There are many things that contribute to good real estate photos, lighting, angles, and staging along with editing techniques to name a few. Your listings will attract more attention and sell a lot faster. Your listing will also have the potential to sell for more money.


According to a 2017 article posted on inman.com, a real estate news site for realtors and brokers, listings shot by professional photographers received 61% more online views than listings shot by non-professionals. Real estate is a visual business and no one wants to stare at the dark, out of focus photos.


Obeo also sites a study from Redfin that showed that listings with professional photos sell faster.  Time varied by price range, but in the $400,000 range, homes sold on average 3 weeks faster.  That is a pretty amazing stat!


Listings with professional photos have a higher perceived value and have the potential to sell for more money. According to The Wall Street Journal, these listings gain anywhere from $934 to $116,076 depending on their list price. In real estate, sellers want the highest sale price and buyers want to feel as if they are getting a good house. A good real estate photo can be what gets your buyers in the door.


Photography is all about lighting and angles. A great photographer can bring out the beauty in every home, this means finding a balance between natural light or the use of an external flash. Often times photographers will use a wide-angle lens to capture the true size of the room. Always remember good photos all are all about good preparation. Consider the time of day you are shooting. Try to go to the property ahead of time and explore your angles. A good photographer will take sample photos and experiment with interior and exterior lights. This will help the photographer to understand what tools he needs to bring and the composition that he wants.


Great photos take more than just point and shoot. A professional photographer has access to tools, training, and software that most people don’t have access to. A career in photography requires a large investment and the average person would not benefit from such an investment. Most realtors are at their best when listing, showing and selling properties.  So why take time away from what you do best to shoot and edit photos?  

You should insist on a quote prior to hiring a professional real estate photographer. You are likely to find that the initial investment in professional photographs is small in comparison to the potential dividends to be reaped in time and dollars. Contact a professional real estate photographer today and decide for yourself!  And if you don’t know where to start….contact me and I’ll show you how a professional photographer can make selling your home better.

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