Lisa Resnick Finds Her Match and Joins Burgan Real Estate

Lisa Resnick

Being a real estate agent does not mean you are a salesperson; it means you are a matchmaker between houses and people. And for the last 6 years, Lisa Resnick has been one of the best matchmakers in the Virginia/Washington DC-area. But even though she lived in DC, there was no place like home in the Mahoning Valley. That’s why she and her family moved back to the area in 2016, where she continued her real estate career. And now, Burgan Real Estate is proud to welcome this Boardman native to the Burgan Bunch.

A graduate of Cardinal Mooney High School, Lisa went on to earn her college degree at Youngstown State University in Political Science before entering into a career in politics. It was during this part of her life that she found her true calling was not advocating on the behalf of politicians, but being a true advocate for people who are looking to find a place to call home. Just as in her political career, her passion to serve delivered an impeccable record of success as one of the highest performers in residential real estate. Her love for debate still comes through – especially when she’s negotiating the best deals for her clients.

Though, she is sometimes outvoted at home with her husband Andrew and her two sons Sullivan (9) and Conor (7). Even her dog, Mookie, usually gets to veto her every once in a while on the long runs they like to go on.

When not making lives better with Burgan as a real estate agent for residents of the Mahoning Valley, she’s making lives better for Canfield schools by serving on the PTO. Even in her neighborhood, Lisa wants to make sure people are enjoying themselves, which is why she serves on the Entertainment Committee in her housing development of Tippecanoe Woods. Though, to be honest, the entertainment probably consists of events with large bowls of gummy bears, Starbucks coffee and at least one television that must have a Miami DolphinsCleveland Cavaliers and/or Cleveland Indians game on at any given time.

Lisa likes to find time for Lisa. This Sagittarius can be found on her days off relaxing in the comfort of her own home with a Science Fiction novel while a lavender-scented candle flickers…or at the Village Pump where she’ll take anything on the menu…except for cornbread. NO CORNBREAD!

Lisa has a style and personality that is as bright and elegant as her personality. While she likes to sport her favorite colors of blue and green on a regular basis when she’s enjoying the outdoors, she’s decided to rock a new favorite color for her career – brown. And you know what, Lisa, it looks even better on you! Welcome to the Burgan Bunch!

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