Featured Agent of the Week: Stacie Maston

Deciding to make a career out of real estate is a big decision in your life for not only you but your family. When making the step to get licensed, you also need to think about which broker you want to work for and how you fit into their company. With over 50 real estate agencies in the area, it can quickly become a daunting task. Make sure you really do your research before just jumping into a company. Although it’s relatively easy to change brokerages, you are risking the imperative first few months of your career which molds you as you start on your new endeavor.

I started looking into Burgan as my future brokerage when I was talking with a friend, and former manager of mine, about my new career choice in real estate. He had been a client of Burgan Real Estate’s and quickly mentioned he thought I would be a great fit for the company! Since having worked with me in the past, he knew my work ethic, how I do business, and how I communicate with people and felt that I would fit right in with the Burgan Bunch. Taking his advice, I started to research Burgan and realized that they have been family owned since 1977 which really showed me their longevity in the field and culture they provide for their agents. The company is very reputable and you can tell they really take pride in their community. Any chance they get, they are partnering with local businesses for events or with charities around town. It really brings the agents together, outside the field, to build relationships and help out others in need.

Burgan makes it a priority to focus on training their new agents so that we are successful, knowledgeable and can positively represent the company, as well as ourselves. Each agent is assigned a mentor and is guided through step by step on every aspect of real estate. They offer classes and one-on-one training on items such as home inspections, contracts, comparative market analysis, and many tech training on the tools in the field. As a new agent, this really sets them apart from other agencies, because you are not just dropped in and let loose. You are a reflection of their company so this really ensures your clients’ experience with Burgan is bar none and allows for a smooth and enjoyable home buying or selling process! 

When meeting for the first time with Patrick Burgan, Broker of Burgan Real Estate, I was given tons of information and also a series of marketing flyers that really gained my interest. Having a degree in Graphic Design and Photography, I feel that professional and modern marketing really sets you apart from other agents in the field. We have an in-house designer that can complete custom marketing requests for open houses, new listings, home flyers and pamphlets that explain the real estate process! These incentives at Burgan are a real asset to not only agents but also to buyers and sellers! Like we always say, everything is always “Better with Burgan!”

Contact Stacie Maston today to learn more about how she can make your next home better with Burgan!

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