Don’t Fall for a Flipped Home

Traci Hardy Blog - Don't Fall for a Flipped House

In today’s housing market, you will see the homes that are advertised as totally updated and new, new, new! This has gained popularity with HGTV shows like “Flip or Flop”. Many of these homes can be a great choice, but you must take an in-depth look instead of just seeing the trendy paint colors and new carpet.  Here are some areas to evaluate a flipped house to be sure your new home is not a flop.

Inspect Major Mechanicals

Major Mechanicals are the hot water tank, furnace, and air conditioner. If these have not been replaced with new, you need to be aware of their condition. Look to see if they appear to be older or rusty. The age can be found out online with information from the manufacturer label, with the model and serial number. The average life span of a furnace is 25-30 years, air conditioner 16-20 years, and hot water tank 8-12 years.

Don’t Be Shocked By Electrical Upgrades

Electrical should be evaluated to see if it is a 100 amp service that meets national code for a single-family dwelling. If the electrical panel has been updated, it will have an electrical inspection sticker, which means it was inspected and met current code standards. If not, you would want it reviewed by a home inspector or electrician. Also look for GFCI outlets near water sources, which would prevent shock. Beware of any loose or hanging wiring in basements or the attic.

Good Workmanship Stands Out

Don’t be dazzled by the cosmetic appeal. Look at the workmanship to see if it is neat and professional. Do the baseboards and walls meet in straight lines? Look under sink cabinets to see if the plumbing is working with no leaks. Another area that people overlook is the windows.  Be sure there have new vinyl replacements and that the wood is not rotting around the window itself.

Inspect The Forgotten Spaces

Unfinished attics should be checked for proper insulation, ventilation, possible signs of mold on surfaces, or potential roof leaks. Chimney condition should be reviewed to see if there are cracks or missing mortar and if a chimney cap is securely in place.  Also, you would definitely want the house inspected by a professional, who is experienced and insured. Sometimes you may even bring in specialized persons such as roofers, electricians, or structural engineers. Also, a home warranty can give you additional peace of mind.

You’re Always Better With A REALTOR(R)

When you work with a licensed REALTOR(R), they have your best interest as the buyer in mind. A REALTOR(R) is familiar with all the facets of evaluating a home and is able to bring your concerns to the owner or listing agent by negotiating on having them properly repaired or replaced. He/She will also be able to advise on the home price based on the location and condition.  It’s one of the many reasons we say you are always, “Better with Burgan.”

A flipped home maybe a great choice as long as you go into it with a watchful eye and don’t end up having a flop on your hands.

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