Burgan Real Estate Pays Man’s Mortgage for 2018

On Saturday, January 20th, Bill Cupler went to the Beeghley Center on the campus of Youngstown State University to watch the Penguins men’s basketball team played a home game in front of an excited crowd.  He had no idea that history was going to be made that night and it was going to be because of a shot he made.

When we created the Better with Burgan Mortgage Mania Challenge promotion, we did so because we not only wanted to bring more attention to the YSU Basketball program but more importantly, we wanted to give back to someone in the community.  We did this because we wanted someone to hit the half-court shot.  With one shot, Bill Cupler won $12,000 from the Better With Burgan Mortgage Mania Challenge and became a part of one of the greatest memories YSU athletic history.

The Shot

As Bill took the floor to take his shot at $12,000, the nerves were starting to grow, but he was confident that he had a good chance of making history.  “As the moments leading up to the shot passed, adrenaline pumped through my veins. I felt confident and excited about the opportunity for such a large reward at stake. When the ball left my hands, I was hopeful and optimistic. I immediately thought that the shot had potential, and it seemed like time stood still,” said Cupler.  As the shot went up, the entire arena went silent.  And when it went in…well…see what happened next as we recorded the entire experience on Facebook LIVE.

The Reaction

The arena went crazy!  For all of us on the court, we couldn’t believe it.  Bill said, “Watching the shot go in was exhilarating. The excitement of the moment was once in a lifetime. I was immediately overwhelmed by the positive energy of the crowd. It was incredibly heartwarming to hear my community cheering for me during a moment that I will certainly remember forever.”  So will we, Bill, and so will the entire country.

After the shot went in, the story was covered across local, regional and national news outlets, including The CBS Morning Show.  We never thought that this would have such a big impact as it did, especially for Bill. Even more memorable than that shot was what that money will be used for.  Bill said that he’s, “Grateful for the chance to use (his) winnings to take (his) wife of 30-years on a celebratory anniversary cruise this summer.”  And that is why we did this promotion.

Better With Burgan In Action 

We like to think that life is Better with Burgan in many ways.  We know our role in the community is to help people find their new home or sell their current home to start a better life.   What we didn’t know was that while Bill made history that night at the game, this wasn’t the first time we had an impact on Bill’s life.  He actually is a proud client of Burgan Real Estate, telling his previous home and buying his current one through us.  If that’s not cool, I don’t know what it is.  

While there are still three games remaining for other people to enter to have a chance at winning $12,000 at www.BetterWithBurgan.com, the first one is always the most memorable.  The atmosphere, reactions, and excitement surrounding this promotion has jumped up this week and it’s all because of Bill’s amazing shot.  But to Bill, this night meant more than just the money.  

“It’s refreshing to see a company that’s close to home that believes in Youngstown. It speaks volumes that Burgan Real Estate invests in our community and rallies behind the people of Youngstown. Burgan Real Estate is a local company with good, local people. This simple fact, combined with their professionalism and care for their real estate endeavors, makes life Better with Burgan,” said Bill.  

We don’t know how you can get any better than that.  Thanks, Bill, and congratulations!

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