Marvin Hershberger Joins Burgan Real Estate as Newest Realtor®

(March 10, 2021) Canfield, OH – For some, being a Realtor® is something that is learned about after years of being a professional in other industries. Cultivating and trying your hand in another line of work only to see that the talents one possesses, and opportunities being sought out are only attainable through a career in real estate. For the newest member of Burgan Real Estate, Marvin Hershberger, growing up helping a real estate agent with the properties he had for sale was not only rewarding as a young boy, but gave him a vision for what he now looks to accomplish as a Realtor® with the Burgan Bunch.

Born in West Farmington, Marvin’s history in the real estate industry started when he was 11 years old. Hershberger would assist a local real estate broker with yard work that would need to be done on listings, making sure the for-sale signs and properties were maintained. After he was done, he would sit with the broker and discuss the work and the houses over a cold glass of lemonade, a sweet reward then and one that will reward him with his new career with Burgan. “Since 1977, Burgan Real Estate has operated with the cooperation of agents who believe this occupation is not just a job but a career dedicated to making the lives of others better,” said Patrick Burgan. “Marvin’s dedication and commitment to his family and passions are an excellent indicator that our team and our clients will be better with him being a part of our company moving forward.”

Prior to joining Burgan, Marvin has worked for Kraftmaid in the pallet industry for 27 years, an unheard-of devotion and dedication to one company in today’s corporate culture. He was a farmer of the Chardon Toastmasters Club, receiving distinguished recognitions, especially for his communication capabilities. Even more impressive is the dedication he and his wife have made to one another for the last 28 years, successfully raising 8 children together. He still has enjoys the “farmer life” at home, caring for 3 horses, a donkey, a German Shephard, a cat and a rabbit.

“Throughout my life, I have always been passionate about learning from strong leaders and how to bring value into our world,” said Hershberger. “Being welcomed into the Burgan Bunch is an amazing opportunity for me learn from amazing leaders, like Patrick and Sue, while truly making the lives of my clients better.”

As we continue to move forward in 2021, we are excited to welcome Marvin Hershberger to our Burgan Bunch family.