A Letter of Thanks

A Letter of Thanks

Every other week, as the President of the Youngstown Columbiana Area Realtors®, I write some sort of editorial piece on the state of real estate in our beloved Mahoning Valley. With wisdom and wit, each article is meant to impart some sort of understanding, clarity and knowledge, helping all residents of our Valley feeling confident in their ownership of a home, the process of finding a home and the relationships they have with trust experts, the REALTORS® of our area. We have talked about the impact the stock market has on property values. We have talked about the impact of the Fed’s rates have on property values. However, this week’s article is directed towards a special group of people who, while they help our communities, may not realize the impact they have on the very home you are sitting in while reading this piece.

To the Heroes of Our Community,
Over the last 4 months, I have watched the heroes I have always hoped would jump off comic books and movie screens as child, become reality. They don’t wear capes, they wear PPE. They don’t don a special outfit, they wear uniforms. They don’t run out of burning buildings, they run into them.

The struggles our country has faced with viruses, both of the body and mind, have impacted our communities, our economy and our safety. Through it all, there are individuals, whose selfless acts continue to keep the fabric of our society and communities intact, despite attempts from antagonists that have no known vaccine or resolve. And while the impact and destruction continue to be documented and quantified, the efforts of our police, firefighters, military and medical professionals are the threads continuing to hold on to values that far exceed that of the property values they have a direct impact.

For most of us, the acts of these trained servants, are skills and talents we do not take for granted. The risks and challenges these brave men and women face today were not known when they raised their hands to commit to a life of service to others. They also did not know how their expertise would impact more than just the lives they work to save every day.

Their efforts keep communities healthy; their efforts keep communities safe; their efforts have a direct correlation on the quality of life our society experiences, including the very property our homes and businesses sit on. While monetary values are made visible by stock markets and interest rates, the true value of a property is kept intact by the safety and security people like you continue to deliver to all people.

On behalf of all REALTORS® in the Mahoning Valley, we thank you for the selfless acts you have performed over this tumultuous year and continue to perform every day, ensuring our health, our safety and our ability to live the American dream. Every man and woman deserve a fair opportunity to obtain that dream in a community that values each of them as equal. And while we, as REALTORS®, are sought out to help guide people through their greatest investment they will ever make, you are sought out to help guide people through to live the greatest life they can ever dream of in a community they love.
Your impact on everything we do can never be quantified. Your influence on the property values and desire to live in a community, like ours, can never be overstated. More importantly, your service and selflessness can never be returned with a gratitude and appreciation that matches your actions every day. I thank you for your service, I thank you for your influence on the prosperity of our community and I thank you for showing people that heroes are real, and they walk among us every day.

With Gratitude, Respect and Sincerity,
Patrick Burgan
President, YCAR®