Andrea Thompson Finds a Better Return on Her Career with Burgan Real Estate

It takes a special eye to become a real estate property investor and manager. There is plenty of work involved but also plenty of opportunity if you know what you are looking for in a property. Being able to look through all the fluff to the core of a property and the potential it brings to you is a rare trait that few possess. For Andrea Thompson, she had been eyeing a particular opportunity and when it was presented to her, she jumped at the opportunity to become the latest real estate agent to join Burgan Real Estate.

A Girard native, Andrea has been investing in properties since 2010. Her passion for working on houses and finding properties that have potential has led her to owning three single family rental units. With all of the opportunity she saw in buying properties, she also saw the opportunity to help people buy their own dream home. So, she decided to become a licensed REALTOR® and knew the best place for her was to bring her talents to the Burgan Bunch.

When she’s not working on her properties or looking for new ones, she enjoys spending time with daughter, Alexis, or dogs. Just like her investment properties, she has three: Seamus, a 6-yer old Pit Bull, Ivy Jane, a 5-year old Mountain Cur mix, and Zaria, a 3-year old Husky Shepard. Her properties aren’t the only places where she does it all. In her spare time, she is the manager, bartender and server at a local restaurant where she makes everyone feel right at home.

When she’s not managing properties, restaurants or her dogs, she focuses her attention to volunteering at local dog rescues, like The Healthy Hearts and Paws Project, or her numerous bowling leagues. Hiking is another one of her hobbies, just makes sure the paths are clear of snakes, worms and are in the sun away from the cold.

“I’ve found a place in Burgan that I can not only begin my residential real estate career, but do it with people who are all rooting for me to succeed,” said Thompson. “The family atmosphere that Patrick and Sue have created is one where I know I will succeed and, if I’m honest, the dog friendly offices were a plus too!”

Well, Andrea, we invest in our company, our community and our agents every day. However, the best investment we made as of late was our commitment to making you a top agent in the Mahoning Valley as a part of our Burgan Bunch. Welcome to the family, Andrea!