Steve Carter Ready to Climb a New Mountain with Burgan Real Estate

We all climb mountains every day. Some are more treacherous than others. Some are taller and harder than others. However, the experience from each one we conquer provides us with a confidence and satisfaction to know what we are not only capable of but how we can help others be better as they approach the mountains they may face. For Steve Carter and his 42-years of real estate experience, he found a better way to climb the next set of mountains that will come his way in his career by becoming the newest member to join the Burgan Bunch with Burgan Real Estate.

Steve has been coast to coast throughout his life, education and career. A native of Fairview, New Jersey, Steve achieved his undergraduate degree in Business Law from Cal State University in Fresno, California. Prior to becoming a Broker, he was a General Contractor, which help light his passion to pursue a career in real estate. While he has achieved much in his career, nothing is more rewarding than being a devoted husband to his wife and spending time with their three dogs. His experience is a welcomed addition to help continue to make our entire company better at Burgan Real Estate.

Aside from his wife and dogs, Steve loves walking and hiking through the mountains to unwind. It is a good thing considering the challenges he faces as a Yankees/Knicks/Giants fan living here in Northeast Ohio.

When he is not moving and conquering mountains for his clients, it is not a surprise he likes to do activities that require discovery. He is an avid antique shopper/collector as well as appreciates gardening and hardware for projects he can do himself. After a hard day, there is nothing like a cold Pepsi and piece of pizza…Bruno Bros. New York style of course!

We are charged with climbing mountains every day for our clients and our agents to be better. The addition of Steve and his experience in our industry provides another opportunity to grow and walk the trails together, making sure that the next step brings us one step closer to reaching the top of the summit we all work towards at Burgan Real Estate – making life better. Welcome to the Burgan Bunch, Steve, and looking forward to discovering new trails together!