Emily Samsonow Looks to Build Something Better with Burgan Real Estate

We’ve been building this company for over 43 years. As a locally owned and operated company, we know it takes a special individual to be a real estate agent, knowing and doing what it takes to build a career that makes the lives of clients and our community better. A successful REALTOR® must know how to plan an approach, design the process for a client and successfully construct the path to selling or buying a home, which is unique for each and every person he/she will help. This ability is one of the many reasons we are excited to welcome Emily Samsonow as she transitions from her career in architecture to becoming the newest addition of the Burgan Bunch with us at Burgan Real Estate.

A native of Sunbury, OH, Emily earned her undergraduate and Master degree in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati. A self-described, “crafter at heart and maker of all things,” Emily built a successful career in Architecture but was hoping to apply her talents and skills to a new venture. Her search for a better life and challenge led her to taking real estate classes and successfully becoming a REALTOR®. From there, she knew any structure needed to be built on a solid foundation and she found that in the culture, success and people who make Burgan Real Estate.

“My education and profession took me to many cities across the country and into Canada, however settling into the Valley feels right,” said Samsonow, the Ohio native. “Canfield has always been my second home with much of my family residing across Mahoning County. When I reached out to Burgan Real Estate, seeking a new professional venture, I had an immediate connection with Patrick Burgan the moment I heard the matched enthusiasm (for all things) in his voice.

When she is not building things, you can find her occupying her time with DIY projects (shocking), traveling to different places or curling up with a good non-fiction book and some cheese/crackers or a good cup of coffee. While she is not a fan of scary movies, she hopes that the dog she is looking to adopt will help keep her company and chase off any home invasive creatures that may try to scare her. She finds strength, not in Spinach like Popeye, because she is allergic to it, but in her ability to tackle new challenges and always try to do something.

“The best part of architecture for me has always been helping my clients see their visions come to life and problem-solving behind the scenes for them. Like home-ownership, with these visions come large financial investments and thus high emotions. As a second-time homebuyer, I personally know the value that the right real estate agent can bring to the table and I look forward to giving my clients the same experience. Together, we will be Better with Burgan,” said Emily.

As we continue to build upon the 43 year foundation of making life better for our clients and our community, we are excited to welcome Emily to our Burgan Bunch family to see what we are going to build together!