Lindsay Newell Latest to Join Burgan Real Estate as REALTOR®

We are always looking for new members to add to our family here at Burgan Real Estate. Many of our newest additions to the Burgan Bunch have recently decided to become a real estate agent. Whatever their reason is for joining us, one thing all of these individuals have in common is the desire to help people. So when Lindsay Newell, who previously was a health care provider here in the area, approached us about joining our team, we knew she would be a perfect fit and we welcomed her with open arms to the Burgan Bunch.

A native of Howland, OH, Lindsay is no stranger to making life better for people in her life. As an endoscopy technician, she realized her passion was making a positive difference in the lives of everyone she encounters, especially her husband, two daughters and son. Her caring nature and understanding of what a young family needs in a home to be better everyday is what truly sold us on making her the latest addition to our Burgan Bunch.

As she prepares for the successes that lie ahead for her as a member of our team, she is ready for the challenges and opportunities this new career has in store for her. Her excitement for her new career takes a back seat to only her excitement for facing each and every day with her family and friends. Whether it is going to concerts, taking her kids to their activities or trying to figure out if she is going to root for the Browns or the Buffalo Bills, Lindsay embraces the opportunity to experience life and joy with those around her. Just make sure she gets enough sleep…

While she is ready to do what it takes to be a successful Burgan Bunch family member, she also likes to take time to unwind. Whether it is a big bowl of ice cream or a good bottle of wine, she finds time to relax when not being a devoted wife, mother and friend. Since cooking is not one of her favorite past times, you’re sure to see her frequenting the many delicious restaurants our area offers. So if you see her…be sure to say, “Hello” and smile because she’ll be ready to send one right back to you.

As we continue to add new members to our team, we know our culture will help build real estate agents of any experience. However, one thing we pride ourselves on is surrounding our other Burgan Bunch members and clients with people who genuinely care. Lindsay has that quality and we know her desire to help people will lead to nothing but better things in her new career as a REALTOR® with us. Welcome to the team, Lindsay!